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Sound editing functions

An audio editing window containing the audio file. The audio is visualized and you can edit the audio files as you desired by cutting, copying, pasting, trimming and more:

You can see the music now! Music editing will never be the hassle

Selected Region
Many of the edit functions below apply to the selected region. To mark the selected region you can either click and hold down on the wave window and drag the mouse or press and hold down the shift key while moving in the file. To select the entire file press Ctrl+A.
Undo (Ctrl+Z)
To Undo is to restore the file to its state before the previous edit function. This is useful if you want to try an edit or just make a mistake. To undo your last action press Ctrl+Z.
Cut (Ctrl+X)
To 'cut' is to delete the selected region but to keep a copy on the clipboard so it can be 'pasted' somewhere else. This is useful when moving parts of the audio around in the file.
To cut select the region and then press Ctrl+X.
Copy (Ctrl+C)
To 'copy' is to make a copy of the selected region to the clipboard so you can paste it in another location. This is useful if you want to duplicate a part of the audio and insert (or mix it) in another file.
To copy select the region and then press Ctrl+C. To copy the entire file press Ctrl+A-C.
Paste  (Ctrl+V)
Paste can only be used after you have used the Cut or Copy functions (above) to take a selected region to the clipboard.
The paste function replaces the current selected region (or inserts if there is no selection). To replace a selection press Ctrl+V. To insert click on the position and press Ctrl+V.
Paste Mix
This function takes the audio you have previous copied or cut and mixes it with the current selected region.
After you have cut or copied the audio you want to mix select the new region and used Edit -> Paste Mix from the menu. You can specify the volume of the mix (that is the volume of the clipboard audio).
Almost always the length of the selected regions will be different. If the mix selection (in the clipboard) is shorter than the current selection then the mixed audio will just end when it ends. If the mix clipboard is longer than the current selection then one of the follow can be selected. "Increase selection" means that the mix just continues past the end until the mix file ends. "Insert Silence" means at the end of the current selection, the mix will be inserted until it ends. The fade out mix means that as the end of the current selection is approach the mix fades out - this is useful for background music beds and sfx.
A typical example of Paste Mix is where you want to mix a music bed behind a voice over. To do this copy the music track from one file, open the voice file select the voice (say with Ctrl+A) then select Edit -> Paste Mix and fade out mix.
Delete (Del)
To delete the selected region press the Delete key. This is similar to the cut function but a copy is not taken to the clipboard.
Select All (Ctrl+A).
To select the whole file press Ctrl+A.
Select To Start (Shift+Home).
To select from the beginning position to the current position, press Shift+Home.
Select To End (Shift+End).
To select from the current position to the end, press Shift+End.
Select Specified Time (Ctrl+G).
Use this option if you want to select the audio with the exact start and end position. Just press Ctrl+G, enter the start and end position and click OK. You can also preview the selection by clicking the Preview button.
Mix File
This is the same as Paste Mix (above) except that you specify a file to mix instead of having to copy the audio to the clipboard first. See the Paste Mix section above for more information.
Repeat Loop
This function repeats the selection a number of times (useful for extending the length of music beds). Select the region you want to repeat and use the menu Edit -> Repeat Loop then enter the number of times to loop.
Trim (Ctrl+T)
To 'trim' is to cut off the beginning and the end of the file so only the selected region remains. This is useful when you have just recorded a file but there is silence or noise before the start or after the end.
Select the part of the file you want to keep and then press Ctrl+T.
Trim Start
To delete everything before the current position select Edit -> Trim Start.
Trim End
To delete everything after the current position select Edit -> Trim End.
Split into two at this point
Use this option if you want to quickly split the current file into two small tracks. To do this, click on the position where you want to split and select Edit->Split into two at this point. Take care when you decide to do this because you cannot undo.
Silence Select Region
This function silences the selected region. This function can be useful to remove breaths or clicks from a voice recording without changing the timing of the words.
Save Select Region As
This function saves the selected region. This function can be useful to quickly save out the part that you have just edited.
Insert Silence
The menu item Edit -> Insert Silence is used to insert silence of a specified duration at or over the selected location.
Insert File
The menu item Edit -> Insert File is used to insert a specific audio file at or over the selection location.
Copy To New
To create a new file with a selected part of the current file, select the region and use the menu Edit -> Copy To New.